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Uncompromising Legal Defense For Sex Crime Charges

Last updated on June 24, 2024

Allegations of sex crimes can carry devastating personal and professional consequences. If convicted, you could face lengthy prison sentences, heavy fines and lifelong registration as a sex offender. These charges have the potential to irreparably damage your reputation, relationships and future prospects.

At Rodriguez Law Firm, Inc., in La Porte, our lawyers understand the gravity of sex crime cases in Indiana and will organize an aggressive legal defense to protect your rights.

Former Prosecutors Building A Powerful Defense

Our attorneys, Mladenka Rodriguez and Frank Rodriguez, each served over four years as prosecutors before entering private practice. This inside knowledge of how the other side investigates and prosecutes sex crimes gives us a unique ability to anticipate their strategies and build a strong defense on your behalf. We utilize our prosecutorial insights and criminal defense case experience to exploit weaknesses and attack the allegations against you.

Protecting Your Rights, No Matter The Charge

Our team represents clients facing all types of sex crime charges in Indiana, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Child molestation
  • Child exploitation
  • Statutory rape
  • Prostitution/solicitation
  • Registration violations
  • Internet sex crimes

No matter how serious the charge is, we have the experience and resources to defend you vigorously.

The Life-Altering Consequences Of Sex Crimes

The punishments for sex crime convictions go beyond jail time. You could face probation, registration as a sex offender and personal/professional ruin. An aggressive defense is crucial to avoid these life-altering consequences and protect your future.

Tenacious Advocacy When You Need It Most

Rodriguez Law provides steadfast advocacy, protecting your rights at every stage of your criminal case. Our attorneys’ backgrounds give us unique insights into building a powerful defense strategy. You can rely on our team to be discreet, professional and affordable advocates, pursuing effective strategies to protect your rights.

Act Quickly To Safeguard Your Rights

Sex crime charges require immediate action. The earlier we can begin crafting your defense, the better we can protect your interests. Call Rodriguez Law at 219-444-4322 or contact us online for a confidential consultation about your case. Our legal team serves clients in La Porte and Valparaiso, as well as Porter and Lake counties.