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Establishing Paternity, Child Custody, Parenting Time And Child Support In Indiana

At Rodriguez Law, our founding attorneys established our firm in La Porte to provide quality legal services to our local communities in northwestern Indiana. Whether you and your spouse are divorcing and child custody and support issues are prominent within your divorce, or you need to establish paternity to gain visitation or child support, we can provide responsive legal guidance, support and assistance.

When Divorce Or Separation Involves Children

Every case is different, but when a case involves your child at the forefront, emotions and tensions can run high. We will provide calm and responsive guidance and assistance for any legal challenge that involves children, including:

  • An action to establish paternity
  • Establishing child custody
  • Negotiating a parenting time schedule
  • Establishing child support obligations
  • Obtaining or opposing child support modifications

Whenever the court is deciding legal issues relating to a child as part of a divorce or paternity action, the court will consider what is in the best interests of the child. In the state of Indiana, typically one parent is granted primary physical custody.

Child Support In Indiana

In addition, the law establishes guidelines for determining child support as part of a divorce or paternity action. The court uses a child support calculator to determine child support. The court will consider several factors when establishing child support, including the parents’ income, money that the parent spends on other obligations and how much time the child spends with each parent.

Crafting A Visitation Or Parenting Time Schedule

When crafting a visitation or parenting time schedule, the guidelines assume that it is usually in a child’s best interest to have frequent contact and interactions with both parents. To determine parenting time, the court will consider several factors, including the age and gender of the child, how well the child handles change between the respective households, how much the parents have each been involved in the child’s life and how well the parents can handle co-parenting.

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