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Regain Your Future Through An Expungement

Last updated on June 13, 2024

For those in Indiana with a criminal record, expungement offers a fresh start and a chance to move forward without the burden of past mistakes. At Rodriguez Law Firm, Inc., our experienced criminal defense case lawyers, Mladenka Rodriguez and Frank Rodriguez, guide clients through every step of this process.

Understanding Indiana Expungement Laws

Under Indiana law, expungement refers to sealing or permanently removing eligible convictions from an individual’s criminal record. This process involves petitioning the courts and presenting a strong case for why expungement should be granted. When successful, it’s as if the offense never occurred in the eyes of the law. An expungement can open new opportunities for employment, housing, education and more by clearing one’s record.

Offenses Eligible For Criminal Record Expungement

Many offenses qualify for expungement in the state of Indiana, though the requirements vary. Generally, more serious felonies must meet strict time restrictions before expungement can be pursued. Factors like the severity of the crime, your age at the time and your subsequent criminal history are all considered. In some cases, expungement may not be permitted at all for certain convictions.

The Expungement Process In Indiana

When you hire Rodriguez Law to pursue expungement, we will thoroughly review your records and determine the offenses eligible for removal or sealing. We then petition the courts by filing the required paperwork and presenting evidence and arguments for why expungement should be granted based on your specific circumstances.

If successful, an expungement results in the court ordering your criminal record to be permanently sealed. This means the expunged offense effectively never occurred in the eyes of the law. It will no longer appear on background checks or be accessible to potential employers, landlords, etc. However, some limited exceptions may apply to certain licensing bodies or government agencies.

Why Should You Trust Us With Your Expungement?

With years of combined legal experience, our attorneys have an impressive track record of results for clients throughout La Porte, Valparaiso and other parts of Northwest Indiana. We truly understand the life-changing impact an expungement can have on your future. You can trust in our firm’s commitment to advocate on your behalf.

Start Your Fresh Start Today

Start regaining your future today. Contact Rodriguez Law by calling 219-444-4322 or filling out an online contact form to arrange a confidential consultation about expunging your criminal record.