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Facing Domestic Violence Charges In Indiana? We Can Help.

Last updated on June 13, 2024

Domestic violence charges can have severe criminal penalties and family law consequences that impact your entire life. At Rodriguez Law Firm, Inc., our attorneys, Mladenka Rodriguez and Frank Rodriguez, provide skilled legal representation for all aspects of these complex criminal defense cases. We are here to protect your rights, defend your interests and pursue a positive resolution.

Understanding Domestic Violence Charges In Indiana

In Indiana, domestic violence is defined as the occurrence of intimidation, physical violence or the threat of violence committed against a family or household member. This covers offenses between spouses, former spouses, individuals who have a child together, relatives by blood or marriage or those in a current/former dating relationship. Alleged acts like harassment, assault, battery, stalking and criminal confinement can all potentially lead to domestic violence charges.

Our Powerful Approach To Domestic Violence Defense

If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, it’s crucial to have an experienced defense attorney on your side from the start. Our La Porte firm defends against false allegations by examining all evidence, interviewing witnesses and challenging the prosecution’s case. We explore all possible avenues for avoiding charges and minimizing potential penalties like jail time, fines, probation or a permanent criminal record.

The Family Law Consequences Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges can also have major impacts on divorce proceedings, child custody arrangements, visitation rights and other family law matters. Our attorneys are skilled at handling situations where these areas intersect. We advocate for protection orders when necessary while positioning you for the best interests of your family. Our goal is to resolve these sensitive issues to move your life forward.

Don’t Wait To Fight Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence allegations require an aggressive legal strategy from day one. The sooner you have our skilled defense team in your corner, the better we can safeguard your future. Contact Rodriguez Law at 219-444-4322 or send an email right away to request a confidential case evaluation. Our firm serves clients in La Porte, Valparaiso and other parts of Northwest Indiana.