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We’re coming up on one of the most common months for divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2024 | Child Custody

If you’re considering filing for divorce over the next month, you’ve got a lot more company than you may realize. Researchers have found that the two months of the year with the most divorce filings are March and August. Why is that?

These months come shortly after times of the year when families typically vacation together or at least spend more time together than they normally would. All of this togetherness, coupled with added expectations that it can help a marriage that’s in trouble, can in fact make matters worse. 

Parents who have already decided to split often stay together through winter or summer holiday breaks so that their kids will get one last family vacation. Some parents don’t want their kids to forever associate a vacation time with their parents’ break-up.  

Why March?

While March doesn’t directly follow the winter holidays, it’s not too far behind. There’s a little time for added reflection and discussion. If the recommitment to the marriage the new year was meant to bring didn’t happen and Valentine’s Day was a last, unsuccessful attempt to rekindle the romance, it makes sense that a lot of people get serious about moving on by the time March rolls along. It’s also typically before spring break, and parents may not want to spend one more vacation with their spouse.

There simply is no “best month” or “bad time of year” to begin the divorce process if it’s what’s best. No one should do it on anyone’s timeline other than their own. If you have kids, how you handle your split will make a lot more difference, both now and in the future, than what time of year it happened. 

Whether you’re ready to begin the process now or you want to get some things in order before you file, the earlier you seek legal guidance, the better prepared you’ll be if and when you file – or if your spouse files first. Protecting your rights and your financial future are crucial to moving on successfully.