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What is the BAC limit enforced by Indiana police officers?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | DWI OWI DUI

Impaired driving charges can lead to jail time and a host of other penalties. Most people make a point of not driving if they notice any degree of intoxication after drinking. However, the law in Indiana allows police officers to arrest people based on their chemical state, not just their driving ability.

There is a per se limit for someone’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The consumption of alcohol can lead to arrest and prosecution even if someone drives normally if their BAC is too high.

What is the limit enforced by police officers in Indiana?

Different drivers are subject to different rules

One of the reasons that people find BAC limits relatively confusing is that there are different limits that apply in different scenarios. Most adults operating their own vehicles can face criminal prosecution when their BAC reaches 0.08% or higher. Aggravated charges are possible after their BAC hits 0.15% or above.

Other drivers could face prosecution for lower blood alcohol levels. A young adult who is not 21 yet is subject to a zero-tolerance limit of 0.02%. If the person accused of impairment is in control of a commercial vehicle like a bus or semi-truck, then the legal limit is 0.04%.

The defense strategy used in a scenario involving a high BAC could be very different than the strategy utilized in cases involving poor performance at the wheel or collisions. Learning more about what leads to drunk driving charges in Indiana may benefit those hoping to fight their charges. Drivers who know the law can comply with it and prepare more effectively when if they stand accused of violating the rules.